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Icing Dripper - Stainless Steel
Pack: 1 pc        (CL7)
Item #: 700532        

Icing Dripper - Stainless Steel  

US$ 49.95   





Additional Information:
Our clean, easy to use Icing Dripper allows for one-handed drizzling of icing over pastries, cakes, petit fours and other baked goods. Fill the wide open top with icing/fondant, pull back the squeeze bar on the handle grip, and icing is released through holes in the base to allow icing out onto your pastry. Release the squeeze bar to stop the flow. No mess, full control and the easiest operation possible. Shorten your work time, cut down on waste and increase accuracy for better looking products. The best product available, and only from P&H! (Yes, we manufacture and distribute this item directly to you!) Stainless Steel construction means it's built to last.

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